About Transfiguration

Collectively, we offer decades of experience in a wide range of mental health concerns and life skills approaches that includes psychotherapy, spiritual care and counseling, and life coaching. What truly inspires and motivates us is seeing clients grow – spiritually, mentally, and emotionally – and we embark on the journey that leads to healing and recovery.

Dr. Gerry Crete, Ph.D., LPC, LMFT

Clinical Director

Gerry is a therapist specializing in therapy for individuals, couples, and families; he is the founder and president of Transfiguration Counseling and is an EMDR certified therapist and EMDRIA approved Consultant who specializes in the treatment of trauma and anxiety disorders. His doctoral dissertation focused on the treatment of male survivors of sexual trauma. He also has extensive experience working with substance and behavioral addictions.

Dr. Crete is also a marriage and family therapist with extensive experience working with children, adolescents, and couples. He has additional experience working with seminarians, priests, and religious.

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Matt Riegel, Ed.S., LAPC

Counselor and Psychotherapist

Matt possesses an advanced graduate degree in mental health counseling and is completing a doctorate in marriage and family therapy. He is an EMDR-trained therapist who specializes in working with struggles surrounding sexuality, sexual trauma, and addiction. He also focuses on working with individual men and men’s therapy groups centered on the spiritual journey towards a whole, healthy, and fully integrated male identity encompassing all the various psychological parts of a man. Other areas of expertise include treating depression and anxiety, ADHD in children and adults, as well as marriage and family therapy. He is passionate about healing, building, and strengthening healthy, thriving families.

Previously, Matt had extensive experience at Christian counseling centers, college counseling centers, and intensive outpatient centers. In his personal time, he is passionate about fly fishing, bookbinding, and the various forms of Benedictine spirituality.  Listen to Matt’s podcast called Lighthouse Tabletalks.

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Dr. Rich Dell Isola, Ph.D., LMFTA

Marriage & Family Therapist and Couples Coach

Rich received a Ph.D. in Couple and Family Therapy from Kansas State University and is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Belmont Abbey College in Belmont, North Carolina. One of his main clinical and research interests is marital therapy; he is passionate about premarital preparation and marital work with couples who have encountered disappointment, conflict, divorce ideation, and with couples who just feel “stuck.” Rich also has experience treating adolescents, undergraduate and graduate students, families, and trauma survivors (emotional, physical, and sexual), and has worked extensively with people struggling with depression and anxiety. He utilizes evidence-based approaches such as solution-focused therapy, self-determination theory, and attachment theory. Rich is also passionate about integrating spirituality into treatment when requested by his clients. During sessions, his goal is to establish an environment that is empathetic, collaborative, and goal-focused.

Rich was born and raised on Long Island, New York. Some of his greatest joys include family time with his wife and two children, the Mass, reading (e.g., Scripture, the Saints, C.S. Lewis), and running.

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John Cathey, MA, LAPC

Counselor and Psychotherapist

John Cathey, MA, is an Associate Professional Counselor with a Masters in Professional Counseling from Truett McConnell University.

He also has a previous Masters in Theological Studies from Holy Spirit College in Atlanta. John’s areas of focus include men’s issues, relationships, communication, identity, marital stress, parenting, religious and spiritual topics, and multicultural contexts.

He also has extensive experience as a school teacher and youth minister. John provides professional counseling, psychotherapy, and spiritual care consulting.

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Erin Moore, MS, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor and EMDR Therapist

Erin Moore, MS, is a licensed professional counselor with a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Divine Mercy University.

Erin is also an EMDR trained therapist who is passionate about providing a safe place for clients to heal from trauma and improve their daily functioning. Additional areas of focus include anxiety and depression, marriage and family therapy, parenting coaching, and spiritual integration.

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Life Strategies Coach

Ruth brings hope and clarity to clients of all ages by helping them to identify and unlock their unique brilliance and learn to effectively apply it in order to achieve their optimal life!

Ruth helps people identify where they are now, where they want to be, and how to bridge the gap to achieve their desired outcome. Using a strengths-based, action-oriented, and solution-focused approach, Ruth helps people create practical plans and effective strategies that help define purpose, overcome obstacles, improve relationships, set goals, define values, and navigate the changes and transitions of life.

She is a Certified Life and Strengths Strategies Master Coach and People Acuity Specialist, with additional training, certifications, and licensing in Marriage and Family Dynamics, Relationship Coaching, Boundaries Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Strengths Strategies for Optimal Living, Using Strengths Strategies to Build Strong Families, Using Strengths Strategies to Build Confident Teens, and Effective Communication.

Ruth has been married to her high school sweetheart for 39 years. Together they have been blessed with 8 amazing human beings, who have in turn have blessed them with more little people! They currently have 11 Grands and look forward to more! This crew definitely provides LOTS of fun and interesting moments!

What Ruth loves…..God, her family, people, “being” over “doing”, simple things, hugs, deep meaningful conversations, brainstorming new ideas and possibilities, traveling to see her out of town peeps, camping, walks in the woods or along the beach, animals of all kinds, creating, dreaming, and she LOVES getting to know and walk with people just like you, as they seek to live the life God created them for!

551-282-9926 // ruth@ruthoneil.com // https://ruthoneil.com 


Danny Ryan, BS IE, MLC, PLC

Life Coach

Danny is a Life Coach for Transfiguration Counseling and Coaching looking for men who want to work with a coach to achieve goals and objectives that will stretch them to grow. He takes an integrated life approach that includes both professional areas like growing a business as well as personal goals like becoming a better husband/father and living the life God is calling them to.

He has a unique background of bootstrapping a successful multi-million dollar consulting firm (called ThreeWill) with his brother for about two decades. Over that time, he played so many different hats that he went bald. Like most men, the first half of his career was focused on his own accomplishments. During the second half, he’s looking to support other men as a coach.

Danny’s certifications include Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, Master Life Coach, Professional Life Coach, Goal Setting Life Coach, Life Purpose Life Coach, and Happiness Life Coach.

Danny loves his wife Amy and their three children dearly. They’ve been a foster family recently and attend Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church in beautiful Jasper, Georgia. Amy and Danny are active Sojourners in the Apostoli Viae community and (God willing) he’s taking steps to become a Spiritual Director by getting a Certificate in Spiritual Direction from the Avila Institute and Heart of Christ.

His educational background is he’s an Industrial and Systems Engineer from Georgia Tech. He’s always looking for a better way to do things and can’t leave good enough alone. He loves his wife Amy and their three children dearly. They’ve been a foster family recently and attend Our Lady of the Mountains, in Jasper, Georgia.

551-282-9926 // danny@transfigurationcounseling.com // https://dannyryan.com


Juliette Crete

Business Manager and Intake Coordinator

Juliette Crete is our Intake Coordinator and is available to help you find the right counselor, therapist, or coach. You can reach her by phone, email, or contact page below.

As the Business Manager and Intake Coordinator for Transfiguration Counseling and Coaching, Juliette handles client communication, intake coordination and business process management.

Juliette hails from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and graduated from CDI College as a Certified Dental Assistant Level II and then her passion for healthcare and business management led her to managing several healthcare offices in the Ottawa area.

551-282-9926 //  juliette@transfigurationcounseling.com