Danny Ryan, BS IE, MLC, PLC

Executive and Business Coach

Danny is a Business Coach for Transfiguration Coaching looking for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners who want to work with a coach to achieve goals and objectives that will stretch them to grow. Although the focus can definitely be in professional areas like growing a business, he takes an integrated life approach that includes personal goals like becoming a better husband/father and living the life God is calling them to.

He has a unique background of bootstrapping a successful multi-million dollar consulting firm (called ThreeWill) with his brother for about two decades. Over that time, he played so many different hats that he went bald. Like most men, the first half of his career was focused on his own accomplishments. During the second half, he’s looking to support other men as a coach.

Danny is certified as a Master Life Coach, Professional Life Coach, Goal Setting Life Coach, Life Purpose Life Coach, and Happiness Life Coach. In 2021, Danny is focusing on getting accredited as a Professional Certified Coach from the Institute for Life Coach Training. He is also actively pursuing a Certificate in Spiritual Direction from the Avila Institute this year.

His educational background is he’s an Industrial and Systems Engineer from Georgia Tech. He’s always looking for a better way to do things and can’t leave good enough alone. He loves his wife Amy and their three children dearly. They’ve been a foster family recently and attend Our Lady of the Mountains, in Jasper, Georgia.

678-699-1703 // danny@transfigurationcounseling.com // https://dannyryan.com